We’ve listed previous speakers and topics below. Our speakers are often internationally renowned experts and all have a passion for communicating their subject. If you would like further information on any of our previous or upcoming speakers, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@cafescientifiquehighcliffe.org.uk

Wednesday the 16th of March 2022: “The Science of sewage – how water is recycled”: presented by Timothy Stevens – Wessex Water.

Click here to view a recording of Tim’s presentation.

Click here to view the responses Tim gathered for the questions he didn’t feel qualified to answer.

Wednesday the 16th of February 2022: “Oxygen , the missing link in the Hydrogen economy”: presented by Professor Andrea Russell – University of Southampton.

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Wednesday the 19th of January 2022: “Alcohol – our favourite poison”: presented by Professor Julia Sinclair – University of Southampton.

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Thursday the 18th of November: “Inkjet fabrication and 3D printing”: presented by: Stewart Partridge

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Thursday the 21st of September:Nature based solutions to climate change”: presented by: Professor Rick Stafford

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Thursday the 16th of August:5G Mobile – What is it and why the fuss”: presented by Dr Geof Haigh

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Thursday July 15th 7:00pm: “Why weren’t we warned? Preventing the next disaster”: presented by Professor Brian Golding, co-chair of the World Meteorological Organisations’s High Impact Weather project.

Thursday June 17th 7:00pm: “Carbon removal using waste to achieve net zero”: presented by Brian Reynolds

Brian was raised in Highcliffe and was a founding shareholder and director of Standard Gas Technologies Ltd.  SGT have developed a ground breaking advanced thermal conversion technology that turns all wastes into a clean fossil fuel substitute gas and a carbon char, producing clean green carbon negative energy.

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Thursday May 20th 7:00pm: BlueHealth – how “blue spaces” can improve our health and well-being: presented by Dr James Grellier.

Dr Grellier is an epidemiologist and environmental scientist with an interest in understanding the effects of the environment on human health. Over the past two decades, he has worked on quantifying the effects of a wide range of environmental stressors on health including drinking water contaminants, radiation, and air pollution, and on environmental justice issues in central Europe.

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Thursday the 18th of March “A Career In Chemistry? Are you serious!”

Presented by Dr Eric Hartmann fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Thursday the 18th of February  “Our Cyborg future”:  presented by Kevin Warwick Emeritus Professor of Reading and Coventry Universities and presenter of  Royal Institution Christmas lectures.

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Thursday January 21st  7.00pm “Lyme Disease”: presented by Michael Cook.  Michael he has spent the last 10 years researching many aspects of the disease and has published articles about Lyme disease in a number of prestigious medical journals.

Click here for to view a recording of Michael’s presentation.

Thursday 19th of November 2020 (Virtual meeting): “Have you been Phished?”:

– Ryan Delmo, Principal Security Incident Analyst at Bournemouth University. Click here for a copy of Ryan’s lides:

Click here for a copy of Ryan’s slides.

Click here to view a recording of Ryans presentation.

Thursday 15th of October 2020 (Virtual meeting):  “Bees and Honey with special reference to Asian Hornets” – Peter Davies Regional Bee Inspector, Southern Region – National Bee Unit.

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Thursday 17th of September 2020 (Virtual meeting):  “Digital and technological advances in primary care” – Dr Ravin Ramtohal.

 Click here to view a recording of  Dr Ramtohal’s  presentation.  

Thurs. 16th July 2020 (virtual meeting): Rosalind Franklin and the DNA double helix – Professor Brian Sutton, King’s College London.

Thurs. 18th June 2020 (virtual meeting):  Gravitational Wave Astronomy – Professor Ian Jones, University of Southampton. 

Click here to view a recording of Professor Jones’  presentation.  

Thurs. 21st May 2020 (virtual meeting):  Air quality sensors as part of your community – Dr Steven J Ossont, University of Southampton.

Thurs. 20th February  2020: Climate change in the Bournemouth area – Emeritus Professor Vincent May.

16th January 2020 : Conserving crop diversity: From the Arctic Circle to the Dorset coast Presented by Jane Toll, who worked for the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which stores seeds in the “Doomsday vault” in Svalbard in Norway.

21st November 2010, Smart Grids:  Smarter Vehicles, Presented by Professor Andrew Cruden, University of Southampton. The electric vehicle future?

17th October 2019: A Ticket to Tokyo: the importance of sport psychology.  Presented by Dr Emma Kavanagh and Lucy Shuker. A practitioner and competitor perspective.

19th September 2019: Droning on, presented by Simon Brown. A positive guide to drones.

18th July 2019: Researching with children. Presented by Dr Margaret Fletcher. A journey through engineering, physiological, methodological and ethical challenges.

20th of June 2019: Why record wildlife? Presented by Robin Harley. 

“Exploring the rich diversity of our local wildlife, the ins and outs of wildlife record keeping techniques, their value and importance”.

As requested, Robin has kindly supplied the following links related to his presentation.

Christchurch Countryside service face book page  https://www.facebook.com/ChristchurchCountrysideService/?ref=bookmarks

Living record:  https://www.livingrecord.net/

DERC has a website here: http://www.derc.org.uk/general/welcome.htm

ARC trust has a website and facebook page for reptile and amphibian information: https://www.arc-trust.org/

Birds of Poole Harbour main website is here: https://www.birdsofpooleharbour.co.uk/

CHOG also have an excellent webpage with daily bird sighting in Christhchurch Harbour and surrounding and the barn owl cam: https://www.chog.org.uk/

Hantsmoths can be found here – it has a useful flying tonight section, so you know the most common moths at any time of year which can speed up identification: http://www.hantsmoths.org.uk/

Dorset Fungus group also has a website and runs regular forays: https://www.dorsetfungusgroup.com/

The Friends of St Catherine’s Hill has an annual events programme: http://fsch.org.uk/ and is only £3 to join

16th of May 2019: “Is it possible to build a star on earth?” Presented by Dr Kate Lancaster.

“How, in the absence of a lab the size of a star, we are attempting to make fusion into an energy source for the future”.

21st of March 2019:Forensic Science. What it is, how findings are verified and casework examples”. Presented by Dr John Twibell.

21st of February 2019: “How your Sat-Nav works. Daily confirmation of Einstein’s theories of relativity”. Presented by Captain Ernie Ball.

“Originally developed for military use, Global Positioning Systems have become part of our daily lives. How do they work? Why should you be worried if they stop?”

17th of January 2019: “The Smartphone: More than just a neat little gadget. The Smartphone is not just another gadget, it’s a marvel of technical achievement”. Presented by Dr Geof Haighuld

“It has changed our lives. It has changed the way we interact with other people, the way we obtain information, the way we amuse ourselves and the way we work. It is on course to become the most popular invention since the wheel and the matchstick.”

15th of November 2018: “Should all brewing be organic? The impact of modern brewing techniques on beer flavour”.  Presented by Neil Hodgkinson, Owner and Head Brewer at Drop the Anchor Brewery.

“The ales of Drop the Anchor are ‘unfined’ and you will no doubt be wanting to know what this means. Well it means they are suitable for vegans but there is a lot more to it than that and omnivores will be just as interested to sample these interesting brews”.

18th of October 2018: “Why sharks prevent climate change. The need for a new view of ocean management”. Presented by Rick Stafford, Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation at Bournemouth University

“Examining the connections between what lives in the sea, the vital role the ocean plays in protecting the planet and why sharks and whales are key players in the fight against climate change”.

20th of September 2018, “The power of bubbles”. Presented by Nikhil Mistry, Postgraduate Researcher in Underwater Acoustics   Southampton University

“Bubble acoustics has a number of powerful applications in the ocean, industry, medicine and defence. This talk will cover a few of the applications, with particular focus on recent research into novel sonar techniques to improve active sonar in bubble-filled environments”