Please note that until further notice, meetings will be held virtually. Further details are available on our home page.

Please note that, subject to to Covid conditions, starting on Wednesday the 16th of February meetings 2022 will be live again at Highcliffe Castle Golf Club, 107 Lymington Road, BH23 4LA.

Please check the website main page for full details and check again before departing and to confirm that we have not had to revert to virtual meetings.



“Alcohol – our favourite poison”. Wednesday the 19th of January, presented by Professor Julia Sinclair – University of Southampton

“Oxygen, the missing link in the Hydrogen economy”. Wednesday the 16th of February, presented by Professor Andrea Russell – University of Southampton.

“The Science of sewage – how water is recycled”. Wednesday the 16th of March, presented by Timothy Stevens and Hafedh Benamor – Wessex water